Day 1-The Great Wall(长城)


I made my first trip plan in Beijing because I was born in Beijing and have been living there for more than 20 years, what’s more it is my most familiar city.  

Day 1——The Great Wall

If you decide to come to Beijing, I believe the first place want to go is the Great Wall, so we begin our Beijing trip from this historical and scenic site. The Great Wall is the border of ancient China to against the invasion of enemies and others tribes and it is established by stone, brick, wood and other natural materials.





I recommend yours have one day here because there are different parts of The Great Wall you can go and you can’t finish all parts in one day. The part of the Great Wall I did go is named Badaling, compared to others it is easier to go through and has one of the top scenery. I have been to there three times and I think it is a very tired trip for me.


I think  the best time to visit the Great Wall is spring and autumn of China. Summer is too hot to be here without any shades under the sun.  Winter will be too cold yet because the Great wall is along the hills in suburb, the temperature difference of morning and evening is large. Therefore, if you are going to visit the Great Wall you’d better see the new green in spring and also see autumn leaves between September and November.

 (1/10-7/10 are national holidays, the Great Wall will be extremely crowded, don’t go there during this time unless you doubt the power of 14 million people).


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