Day 3- Tian’anmen Square(天安门广场)

Day 3- Tian’anmen Square

(photo via google)

Tian’anmen is located at the center of Beijing. On this large square there is monument of heroes of revolutions, the Great Hall of People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall the National Museum of China at each corners of the square. I have been to there once or twice of a year. The year before last year I first saw Mao’s embalmed body in his memorial hall and felt the serious atmosphere there. Every National Holidays, there will be a number of veteran of great revolutions come to see him.

The National Museum of China is I recommend most, various treasure from everywhere in China will be exhibited here. My favorite part is ancient jewelry, pottery and clothing exhibitions. I’d like to see there is a new display named the road of rejuvenation that is an important access of merchandise in the past. You can know more and approach five thousand years history here.You can see the website in advance to decide what you want to visit here.I4_]M%Q39@3Z~D@P4@G_YVH.png

Every labor’s day and National Days, government will set parterre to decorate the square, so during these two holidays the Tian’anmen square will be most crowded but also the most beautiful.


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