Day 2-The Summer Palace(颐和园)

Day 2- The Summer Palace


(photo via google)


The summer palace is enormous imperial garden in Beijing. Now it serves as a popular tourist destination and recreational park. As I lived in Beijing I often played here when I was little, the Summer Palace can be a memory of me. If you want to go there, you’d better pick one day from late May to early October because we can know it looks its best in summer from its name, and also for it was served as a relaxing garden for imperial family in hot days. (also not 1/10-7/10, reason is in the last post)



For me, the summer palace is scenic all the time. If you want to see it in another aspect with less people around you, I also recommend you go there in winter especially after snow days.

If you want to visit the summer palace in summer, 9:00 am is the latest time for you to get there because the tourist will reach there around 1:00pm to 4:00pm and it usually closed at 6:00pm in the summer.



In the early morning or at dusk, there are always some swimmers gather here. The river almost be frozen, however they still love winter swimming to keep healthy. I admire their courage and physique but I doubt myself. Maybe you would like to join them and live like a local Beijinger.







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