Day 2-3 Gulangyu Island(鼓浪屿)

Gulangyu is the third largest island off the coast of Xiamen, a city in Fujian Province in southern China.

photo via the internet


Now it is a island major for tourism. It is very important for travelling and it is also a incredible island for for its history roles. As you visit here, except restaurants, stores and other small groceries, there are still a number of villas in various styles because when other countries invaded China or make trades with China, they chose here as a official office to measure daily things.





Although the island is small, there are some museums, colleges, elementary schools and different communities, so it is well equipped. Some rich people live here and invest here as invest themselves, that is why there are some museums, beautiful houses and wonderful hotels.




You need to take ship to reach here, every half hour there will be one. You’d better live on the island for one night to feel the local culture and people, and return to the land on next day.



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