Day 4-The Forbidden City(故宫) and Jingshan Park(景山公园)

Day 4- The Forbidden City and Jingshan Park

The Forbidden City is an imperial palace for royal families, located in the center of Beijing, at the North of Tian’anmen Square. Ancient Chinese emperors, minister and their relatives all lived in this palace, however, common people like us cannot enter into it in the past. Since it is an imperial living place, the buildings and treasures are all the best. They are elaborate and priceless, and also one of Top 5 where the Chinese most want to visit.


(photo via weibo)


Now the Forbidden City has been under the charge of the Palace Museum, collecting various art works and artifacts.Some treasures lost during the war at different corners of the world now that is such a pity


(photo via weibo)




Jingshan Park

Jingshan Park is also a imperial park which is not far from the forbidden city, only 20 minutes walk. It is famous for one tree and a kind of flower.

There is a famous tree, and people know it because spot where Chongzhen, the last emperor of Ming Dynasty, hanged himself.

photo via google

Every autumn there will be held a big Chinese herbaceous peony exhibition, lasting nealy two months.

photo via google


(photo via google)


What’s more you can see the aerial scenery from the the highest point . If you are lucky, the day is sunny, and you may also see the entire view inner seconds rings of Beijing.



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