Tips about Beijing Travel

  1. Subway and other public transportation is the most convenient  because there are always traffic jams in the morning and evening, and it is cheap. Taxi can be a little expensive but will be more comfortable , but most drivers can’t speak English so that you need to make sure you prepare the your destination’s  in Chinese in advance.
  2.  Don’t eat food sold on the street, some of them are not clean. Chinese can be fine for we had it for a long time, and built a immune barrier for the bacteria, but i think  it is probably not good for you.
  3. Every morning flag-raising ceremony at the Tian’anmen Square, if you want to see it you need to get up very early for it always begin at 6:30 am in winter, somehow after 5:00 am in summer. If you want a good view to see the national flag group, you may have to wait there the night before.
  4. If you want to see the daily life of local Beijinger, most of big parks can be the good choices. The elder will gather together to dance or sing there, especially in the morning. It can be seen as a healthy habit to get up early and  do some exercises.
  5. Qianmen, Wangfujin, Peking and Qinghua University, and the Temple of Heaven are also good places to see. However, maybe you’d more like to see real life of Beijingers, go to “Hutong” and you can find it.
hutong(photo via the internet)

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