Trips in Dongbei-Harbin(哈尔滨)

Trips in Dongbei-Harbin

(photos via the internet)

Harbin is the largest and capital city in Heilongjiang province, China. it is located in the northeast of the nation. Harbin is a famous industrial city, so there is used to be a little polluted, however now the environment is much better than before. The most attractive activity at here is Harbin Ice& Snow World. It is a big park that everything is made by ice, like ice house, ice statures, and the largest ice slide in China. You can miss it if you come China in winter.

For Heilongjiang is next to the Russia and was controlled for a while of time, cultures here is a little mixed. People here like bread, sausage and beer, that can be a foreign costume from Russia.

(photos via the internet)

What’s more, the most interesting thing is people like eating ice cream in winter. One of the most famous ice cream is also from here, named Madieer(马迭尔). It is a famous brand over one hundred year.

(photos via the internet)



The average temperature here can be -30 centigrade, every thing without cover will be frozen. You can see my frozen eyelashes!




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