Trips in Dongbei- Shuangfeng Forest(双峰林场)

Trips in Dongbei- Shuangfeng Forest

Last winter, I went and visited Shuangfeng Forest. What famous is not the forest itself, but there is a village now named Snow Village is very beautiful. It is not a popular travel destination until a production team found there and made a entertainment TV show there. The nature scenery attract thousands of people come to visit every year, now it is developed as a important tour position.

For its special location, there will be more snow than other regions and in winter there will be like a snow world. Snow here is also much stickier, so you can see  a special  and interesting phenomenon -“snow mushroom” .

One kind of animal is common in this region, named roe deer. It is very cute because when they are shocked they will stand there and look at you for curiosity, at this time you can catch them easily.




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